28-year-old UK pop sensation Cheryl Cole has been poised to break America for quite some time now.

In her home country, Cheryl is a household name. As part of pop group Girls Aloud, Cheryl had twenty top ten consecutive hits, including four number #1s. She then landed two #1 hits of her own with “Fight For This Love” and “Promise This” after launching a solo career in 2009.

With a resume like that, one would assume that Cheryl would have at least been on the radar of American audiences. Yet her music never attracted the airwaves of US radio, causing her to be relatively unknown this side of the Atlantic.

Following a successful stint as a judge on the British version of The X Factor from 2008-2011, Cheryl was offered a spot by Simon Cowell on the judges’ panel of the reality show’s American incarnation. Finally it seemed as though she was going to get her chance to make her real introduction to the land of the free and the home of the Big Mac.

But then like the venomous cockroach that she is, Nicole Scherzinger struck down with her reign of terror and ruined everything. It was almost Shakespearean; the way Nicole poisoned her competition. One devious plan later, Cheryl was out just weeks into the initial auditions and guess who was suddenly first in line to be her replacement? What’s done is done, indeed, Lady Macbeth.

Maybe it’s true then that the third time’s a charm. Because with her new single, “Call My Name,” Cheryl has delivered a smash so massive, its chart impact will most likely be felt across the world. And this time around, America will be no exception.

Released this morning on British radio, “Call My Name” marks the debut collaboration between Cheryl and hit-making producer Calvin Harris. His Midas touch for monster hits (i.e. Rihanna‘s “We Found Love“) and signature emphasis on gargantuan electropop hooks (i.e. Scissor Sisters‘ “Only The Horses“) makes for the perfect formula to re-launch Cheryl from a national into an international pop treasure.

And while Harris’ formula is in no way innovative or boundary pushing, it’s a catchy one that fits perfectly with Cheryl’s voice. We don’t say that Cheryl’s always sounded more like Britney than Christina. We don’t say that she’s not exactly the vocalist of her generation. But now we said it. And if Cheryl is looking for a global genre takeover, submerging herself into a pool of electronica-amplified dance/pop is without question the way to go.

“How do you think I feel when you call my name/ You got me confused by the way I changed/ How do you think I feel when you call my name/ My name/ Say my name, baby,” Cheryl croons over the fist-pump-inducing and addictively repetitive chorus.

The lead single from Cheryl’s upcoming third album, A Million Lights, “Call My Name” is the closest contender so far to being the song of the summer. Which only goes to show that sometimes a feel-good generic dancefloor anthem goes a lot further than a messy mashup of too many genres and sounds (are you taking notes, Nicki Minaj?).

A Million Lights, out in the UK on June 18th via Polydor Records, features collaborations with Alex Da Kid, frequent musical partner Will.I.Am, the glamorously infamous Lana Del Rey, Jim Beanz and newcomers Pantha and HyGrade. With a roster as impressively fruitful as that, it’s pretty safe to assume that Cheryl will score her third #1 album in a row.

And while details of a US release for A Million Lights have yet to surface, Cheryl Cole is a name that American audiences are about to become increasingly familiar with. The singer will be appearing in the upcoming chick-flick What To Expect When You’re Expecting (starring Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez) and has reportedly been offered a role on ABC’s smash sitcom, Modern Family. Meanwhile, the now unemployed Nicole Scherzinger (can you say karma?) is still trying to track down the e-mail addresses of the producers of Where Are They Now?.

With an accompanying Anthony Mandler-directed music video set to drop on Vevo on May 2nd, “Call My Name” is the ticket Cheryl has been waiting for to become America’s favorite new British import. It may not be her first single, but the song marks the debut of a huge new era and turning point for Cheryl – one in which she breaks out from her comfort zone and dominates pop charts everywhere.

Don’t be surprised once Call My Name takes over clubs and airwaves. Between the release of this explosive new single and Cheryl’s string of upcoming high profile appearances, it looks like America will finally catch on and start calling her name after all.

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The top 5 new television shows coming in the 2011-2012 season that you need to watch.
By Alex Nagorski

1. The X Factor (FOX Wednesdays & Thursdays, 8 pm)

The UK’s ultimate reality singing competition is finally making it stateside. Guaranteeing the winner a $5 million recording contract, this show promises the largest prize ever in the history of reality TV. So how is it different than American Idol or The Voice? The X Factor divides its contestants into 4 groups: males from 12-15, females from 12-25, singers over 25, and vocal groups of any age.

Hosting the show will be Eden’s Crush/Pussycat Dolls front woman and failed solo artist Nicole Scherzinger (did you even know she officially released her umpteenth attempt at a lead single last week?)  and model-turned-British TV personality Steve Jones. On the judges’ panel will be hit making songwriter and producer L.A. Reid, the man responsible for launching the careers of such musicians as Mariah Carey, Kanye West, Pink, Rihanna, and Justin Bieber. Joining him will be Cheryl Cole, otherwise thought of as the pop star known everywhere in the world except for America (but it looks like that’s about to change!). And last but not least, The X Factor reunites original Idol judges Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul.


2. Ringer (THE CW Tuesdays, 9 pm)

There was a while after Buffy ended that I was scared Sarah Michelle Gellar would never get any work that wasn’t a PG-13 remake of a cheesy Asian horror flick. Then she had to go stop acting for a while because she was “pregnant.” Like I get that you’re having a baby and all but why punish your fans? So rude.

Originally intended for CBS, Ringer reunites Sarah Michelle God-der with The CW, the network that was home to the first five seasons of Buffy. It looks like the perfect over-acted melodrama that you’ll secretly plan your night around while politely declining to go out because you “already made plans with another friend.”


3. Up All Night (NBC Wednesdays, 8 pm)

I personally feel that Christina Applegate is one of the most underrated female comedians around. She could totally be in the same league as Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Kristen Wiig if given the chance. I mean, hello! Her hysterical guest-starring role on Friends made for two of the best episodes of the entire series (yeah, I went there).

Hence, I could not be more excited for a new (non-Samantha Who) sitcom from her. ESPECIALLY since she’s being joined by Arrested Development star Will Arnett and SNL/Bridesmaids actress Maya Rudolph. While the storyline of this show hardly seems revolutionary, I have full faith that Up All Night will have the potential to join the rankings of Modern Family as one of the funniest shows on television this fall.


4. The New Girl (FOX Tuesdays, 9 pm)

Confession: I would totally go straight for Zooey Deschanel. Like, name someone cuter. I dare you. You can’t. It’s just not possible. Between her vintage dresses, sultry singing voice, quirky humor and girl-next-door bangs, she’s just the most adorable hipster goddess in the biz.  

The New Girl looks as though it’s really going to launch Zooey to national mega-stardom. The trailer showcases her impeccable comedic chops and it’s hard to think that she won’t be getting film offers left and right after this show premieres. And the fact that it’s coming on directly after Glee, still one of the hottest shows on TV today, can do nothing but help kick it off as the “it” sitcom of next season.


5. The River (ABC Mid-Season)

If you know me at all, you know that I love horror movies. That being said, I’ve always been annoyed that horror is a genre that has yet to successfully transition out of movie theaters onto a smaller screen. Sure, it’s been attempted a few times, but I have yet to see a consistently frightening TV show that makes me feel the way a good horror movie does.

I’m hoping that’s all going to change with The River. While it’s not entirely a horror show, it has that same element of suspense and looming threat that all of the characters’ lives are constantly on the line. Executive produced by Steven Spielberg and directed by that dude who brought us Paranormal Activity, The River promises to be a smart, Lost meets Anaconda hybrid that will send chills up and down your spine every week. Count me in. 


Originally published on Crazytown Blog