Brandi Glanville is unstoppable.

After becoming a #1 New York Times bestselling author last year with the publication of her first book, Drinking & Tweeting: And Other Brandi Blunders (which I reviewed here), the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is back to do it all over again. This past week, Glanville published Drinking & Dating: P.S. Social Media is Ruining Romance, an equally candid and deliciously unfiltered book that acts as part relationship guide and part memoir about how she got her groove back following her infamous divorce.

Last week, Glanville and I sat down together after her book signing in Brooklyn, and chatted all things Drinking and Dating, her thoughts on Valentine’s Day, what fans cans expect from the upcoming Real Housewives reunion special, and more.


ALEX NAGORSKI: How do you feel you’ve grown as a writer between your first and second books?

BRANDI GLANVILLE: I don’t know that I’ve grown as a writer, to be honest. I think I’ve grown as a human being. I’ve moved forward in a lot of ways that have made me a better, stronger person. I always find humor in everything and that’s just how I roll, because if I didn’t, I would be in a straitjacket. And I honestly think that if you’ve grown as a person, it reflects in your writing.

Absolutely. Is there an added element of pressure now that you’re a #1 New York Timesbestselling writer?

No. I mean, honestly, not for me. I know I do the right thing 97% of the time. There are things I do that I fuck up a lot, but I know that I’m a good person. I would have stayed here [at the book signing] until midnight if there were people here until midnight. I want to make sure everyone that comes to support me gets a personal experience, you know? I’m not just going to say goodbye once it hits 9:00. I’m not drinking my own Kool-Aid. I’m very blessed to be here and I’m very thankful.

Can you walk me through your creative process? How do you go about writing – do you have a set amount of pages that you like to write a day, do you have to listen to any specific music, etc.?

You know, my book agent – or my “gaygent” as I call him – calls it a brain dump. I sit there and I just write and I write. Then I have all of these pages that don’t make any sense and I send them to my co-author, Leslie Bruce. And she’s, like, “Okay, this can go in this chapter, this can go in this chapter,” and so on. I just write, and it is really what I feel. I have a recorder in my car so I can remember when I think of something slightly prolific, because otherwise I can forget. I make myself laugh all day long, which I think is so important in being happy. There was a time where I was unable to do that. That was a very dark time in my life and I’m just really happy to be back where I am.

As the subtitle suggests, the book goes into this in a lot of detail — but I was wondering if in a few sentences, you can explain why you feel that social media is ruining romance?

Oh, gosh. I think that we’ve lost the mystery. I can find out what everyone’s doing at any time of the day. If they don’t text you back and they said that they’re busy, you can check their Instagram, their Facebook, their Twitter and see for yourself. If you have time to tweet, you have time to text the girl you went out with last night. So it’s just ruining the mystique. And if you go out anywhere, people stop and they want to Instagram and take pictures and we’re missing the experiences. Social media is making us unsocial.

I completely agree.

It is! Everyone’s saying “oh, let’s do this,” and I just want to be like, “ok, but let’s have a good time and fuck the pictures,” you know? My girlfriends and I have started a new thing where you put the phones in the middle of the table and anyone who touches their phone first has to pay the bill – because like, let’s have a real experience! Let’s go to dinner and let’s hang out and do what we used to do before this took over our lives.

I really like that idea.

No, it’s true. Seriously.

Some of my favorite things about the book are the many (and often hilarious) stories of outrageous dating mishaps you’ve had over the years.

Oh my god, they’re all going to murder me. They’re going to know exactly who they are in there. I will never date again.

What’s one in particular that still resonates with you as a big “WTF moment” when you look back on it?

Oh, well, there’s one that I call “The Criminal” in my book, and that was definitely one. Everybody deserves a second chance. We all mess up. I’ve messed up a gazillion times, so how can I judge someone for that? But there really are so few men to pick from in LA.

In New York, too!

No, there’s a lot of hot guys here! I used to live here. There’s way more hot guys here. I go out and I’m like, “Ooh! Ooh!” I get distracted. It’s like glitter for a gay man.

But in all seriousness, you want to give people the benefit of the doubt. The LA dating pool is so small and everyone that is anyone is dating a twenty-year-old supermodel and it’s difficult. It’s not easy to say, “Oh guess what, I’m over 40 and I have kids.” You know what I mean? It’s like, “Oh, welcome … and I’m an asshole on TV, so do you want to hang out?” And I’m an asshole in general, in real life, as you saw tonight – but I think it’s a fun thing. I always want to have fun, and that is the number one thing that I think keeps you young. It’s important to know how to laugh and make fun of yourself and not take yourself too seriously. It’s like, it is what it is.

So what’s something that you think readers of Drinking and Dating will learn about you that they don’t already know from the show and/or your first book?

I think everyone knows everything about me but I hope that through this book, they’ll see a little bit of a vulnerable side of me. I do share with them my trust issues and the fact that I sabotage things because of the heartache and the hurt and the mistrust that I’ve had in the past. And so, I want to share that with people, because all my friends and I, we sit around and talk about it, but no one puts it down on paper because everyone’s embarrassed. Like, listen, I’m sharing about my HPV — although I talked about that in the first book, so I don’t know why everyone’s so excited about it this time.

I honestly just want people to say, “guess what, it happened to her, and I relate and I’m not embarrassed anymore.” It’s a really big deal for me. Just look at Michael Sam, that football player who just came out. I get the chills every time I hear about it. That news has been out for nineteen hours, and I’ve already seen like eighty-five stories about it. I truly think that honesty really heals the heart, and that’s all we can ever give people. It’s the second that you become a fucking liar that you start to suck.


That’s not very prolific, but mama’s had two glasses of wine now. Maybe three.

I’m on my third, too, don’t worry. You’ve now written two books, both of which have titles beginning with “Drinking And.”

Right, Tweeting or dating.

So if you were to write a trilogy, what would the third installment be called? “Drinking And” what?

Drinking and being in love.


No, that would … that’s hopefully my endgame.

Well, that actually leads in well to my next question. Your first book acted as a tell-all about what happened between you and your ex-husband. This book, in contrast, chronicles your dating life after your divorce.

I was very angry back then. I even read it now like, “Ooh, yikes. Mama was angry.” But listen, breakups are breakups. Heartbreak is a universal thing. It’s a disaster. It’s a universal …


Yes. Thank you. It is. It affects everyone. You can be Anna Wintour, or you can be like, a person that does your nails. No matter what walk of life you come from, we are all affected by heartbreak in the same way, and that’s what makes us all human, you know? Listen, you don’t think that the biggest movie star in the world is not devasted because of heartbreak? They are. It’s something that we … it’s a universal epidemic, you’re right.

Generally speaking, what are the main things you look for today when selecting a potential new love interest? In other words, how would you describe your dream guy?

Hotness? No, I mean, I definitely have had a problem that I’m attracted to the hottest boy in the room and that’s always been my problem. Because everyone likes pretty things. And all my friends are gorgeous. I like pretty things, I can’t help it. But really, I try to find beauty in everything, and if I can’t, it’s hard for me. I don’t want to move forward in life with that person as my friend or in my life. Because there’s a little bit of beautiful in everyone … even in the shittiest people.

I’m curious as to how writing a guidebook on romance has impacted your personal love life. Was there ever any point during your writing process that you thought to yourself, “wow, I should take my own advice more often?”

Oh, absolutely. I give the best advice to my girlfriends. I can tell anyone what to do and I’m dead spot-on, but do I follow it? I don’t. If I did, I would be on cloud nine. But I don’t. I follow my heart and my heart is generally wrong. My brain is generally right. Generally. It is what it is. It’s a learning curve. No one’s perfect. I was listing … no, that’s awful. I won’t even get into that but I have a whole ‘nother story for you at some point.

Well I’m definitely looking forward to that! Both in the book and the on the show, you talk about how you don’t have a desire to ever get remarried, but that you would still like to settle down with “Mr. Right” someday. That being said, do you have someone special to share your Valentine’s Day this weekend? The way your book ends, it seems like you might not be celebrating alone this year …

Well, I’m here until Thursday night, and then I fly home on a red-eye and then I get my little babies. I’ll be with Mason and Jake on Valentine’s Day, the loves of my life, and we’re flying to see Nana and Pap-Pap in Sacramento. We have a book signing there. But I think Valentine’s Day is an asshole day.

Why’s that?

It puts pressure on people. A lot of my friends break up before Valentine’s Day – especially the guys. They do it so they don’t have to buy a gift … and then they get back together in a week. Having male friends has taught me so much about dating and social media and the internet. Like, they’re all on every dating website that there is and it’s a smorgasbord for them. And they all say that they want relationships now, but then they’re like, “I like her on Monday, she’s Tuesday, she’s Wednesday, she’s Thursday.” I think we’re ruining ourselves with everything that is available to us.

You’ve had quite a busy few years. In addition to writing two books and starring in a reality show, you’ve also designed your own dress line, started a weekly podcast, and have even forayed into the acting world by filming a small role on 90210 and in movies like Missing at 17and The Hungover Games. Is acting something you’d like to do more of?

don’t act. I’m just saying. The people that have asked me to be in their movies have been amazing, and I said, “yes, but I can’t act.” I’m not an actress but I do love making fun of myself, and if people want me to come in and don’t want me to necessarily say my lines right, then I’m happy to do it. I feel blessed to be asked to do anything.

My podcast is so fun and so amazing. Like, I just fan out. I had Bret Easton Ellis on it and I had a Backstreet Boy, I’ve had Robin Antin, Beth Stern’s coming … I just feel so lucky. I’m interviewing them! While at the same time, throwing myself under the bus. But I’m learning. No, I’m not an interviewer. And I’m also one of those people that’s like, “bleh, here you go.” So it’s gotten me in a lot of trouble but I can’t change who I am. So I can apologize when I fuck up and that’s really all I can do.

So what specific creative itch does writing scratch for you that none of these other outlets do?

Oh, my gosh. Writing is my literal Xanax. When I go to write, everything I’m thinking just comes out onto my computer when I type. I like my nails to be long stripper nails when I type. I took them off for a while and then when I started typing, I didn’t hear the click and I was so upset, so I got them back. I know that sounds weird but …

No, no. I get it.

It’s the truth. I need that. It’s such an outlet for me. I do it and it’s like, ok, I can go to sleep now. I don’t have to take a Xanax to go to sleep.

Last year, you were a fashion correspondent at the Oscars – but it was your dress that actually seemed to be the headline generator. Will you be returning to the Oscars again this year? And if so, what will you be wearing?

Well … that’s a great question. I’ve been told that if I come back, they have to approve my outfit, so we’ll see. I’m so very blessed to be very busy and I would like to go, but I want to still be me. I don’t like to be censored, and when people tell me what to do, I want to do the exact opposite. So if they say, “You have to do this,” I will do the … you will see everything, you know what I mean?

I’m a middle child, and my mom said to me, “I hope you have a daughter or son just like you.” And then she met Jakey, my son, and she was like, “good luck with that.” It’s true! I have a little Brandi and his name is Jake. And then I have the sweetest boy in the world. His name is Mason. He’s ten. They’re the loves of my life. They’re both amazing.

I bet. Speaking of having more Brandi, what I’m really dying to know is when are we going to get your spin-off show?!

Well, I mean, I’m not allowed to say. But …

I will be watching!

Yes! Thank you!

I understand that the reunion for the current season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was filmed a few days ago. How do you feel about how everything went down that day?

There’s a lot of crying, a lot of screaming, and, ultimately, I think, besides Jacqueline’s outfit, it all went well. She had her ice skating outfit on and I’m like, “Sochi’s calling, bitch.”

Was it that one that she wore earlier in the season? It had like, giant rhinestones and the, like …

No, no, no, no … You will see. Six weeks, you’ll see.

What else can you tease that viewers can look forward to in this special? Are any of the conflicts resolved?

I have to be very careful what I say here. But there’s, you know, a lot of emotion. I mean, we’re a modern family, to be honest. We are very similar to that, and we love hard and we fight hard. It’s kind of like Survivor meets Housewives.

Are you and Lisa (Vanderpump) on speaking terms again now after the reunion?

We … you know, she’s an amazing woman. I love her hard and I have issues with her hard. She’s fucking perfection. I love her, you know? But we definitely have our issues.

Cool. Well, thank you so much, Brandi. It’s been a blast chatting with you. Is there anything else you’d like to add about the book or the show or anything else that we didn’t talk about?

Please get the book! It’s awesome!


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melissa-gorgaIn the opening credits for the current season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Melissa Gorga introduces herself by declaring, “Sexy life, loyal wife. Take a page from my book!”

This past week, the last part of that tagline became an actual possibility, as Gorga’s first book hit shelves. A guidebook to happy marriages, Love Italian Style: The Secrets of my Hot and Happy Marriage provides a different type of behind-the-scenes look at Melissa’s life with her husband, Joe Gorga, than does the show. Here, she shares intimate stories from throughout their marriage and offers advice to her readers on how to keep things spicy, loving, and exciting with their spouses.

As this season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey winds down, Gorga dished to me about why she decided to write this book, her relationship with her husband, her music career, the show’s upcoming reunion, her thoughts on Caroline Manzo’s just-announced spin-off, where her relationship with sister-in-law Teresa Giudice currently stands, and more.

ALEX: Let’s start at the beginning. How did you and your husband meet and how did he propose to you?

MELISSA: How did he propose to me? He actually proposed to me on my 25th birthday. He put rose petals all over the room and it was really, really sweet. He surprised me. He sent me off for my birthday to this spa day, and got me like every treatment the spa offered, and at the end of the day they told me to go into one of their hotel rooms – because it was at the Short Hills Hilton. They told me to go into one of their hotel rooms to change for dinner because Joe was going to meet me downstairs for dinner. And when I opened the hotel room door, there was rose petals all over the room and champagne and he was on his knee in the room, so it was really cute.

We met … actually we were on spring break with our friends years before we actually got together. He said he saw me walk across the bar and walk across the pool actually, and he pointed to me and said, “That’s gonna be my wife.” So, it’s kind of crazy, but then we met at a beach club a couple of years later and we ended up, you know, getting together. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

Joe-flexing-in-his-teens(Joe Gorga flexing in his teens)

At what point in your relationship did you realize that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with him and how did you know?

It was pretty much right after our first date. We just had the same views. We both were done, you know, kissing frogs and dating and we were just ready to settle down. We are both really hard workers, and we both just wanted a family, and we were young and that’s it. We wanted to just start our life and build the life that we have now, and that’s what we did.

Melissa-and-Joe-on-vacationWhat is it about your marriage that you think makes it so exemplary?

You know what, I think Joe and I are very loyal to one another. We back each other up no matter what, and I think that’s so important – just the respect and the loyalty aspect. And we’re also very passionate, and we compliment each other a lot which I think, you know, it works. By making him feel special, and making him feel like the man of the house, he in return treats me great, and he treats me like, you know, the woman of the house, and he puts me on a pedestal. So I think when it goes back and forth, you know, it trickles down to your kids and to everything else, and it just makes a happy place. A happy house.

So the overriding principle of your book is to treat your husband like a king and in response you’ll be treated like a queen.


Can you elaborate a little bit about what you mean by that?

Sure. I actually mean exactly that.

Just like when he comes home and he feels like the man and he feels appreciated and he feels like he went to work all day and came home to a loving home to people who really respect him and appreciate what he did all day, well then he’s gonna be happy to get up the next morning and go to work again because he knows he’s doing it for the right reason.

He doesn’t come home to a house or a family that’s like, “Oh hey, you’re home, find something to eat in the refrigerator,” like he comes home, I respect him, I, you know, give him something to eat, ask him how his day was, greet him at the door. Things … little things like that that are just so easy make a man want to come home, and they make him want to treat you like a queen because they feel like they’re the king of the house.

I see. So how did you celebrate your last anniversary?

Our last anniversary I think we just went to dinner. I think we went to dinner our last anniversary.

And how many years were you celebrating?

Nine years!



What inspired you to write this book?

You know I think it was just a, a bunch of things. I think my family values are pretty strong and obviously, I think it comes through the screen on TV.

A lot of people would approach us and just say, you know, they love the, the fresh, playful style that Joe and I have, and, and I think it’s where we shine, and so I decided to write about it.

What do you think is the key to a healthy sex life?

Usually I … three times a week. Three times a week you need it. You need to keep your sex life the way you were with a boyfriend. The way you would when you first got married. The way you were when you were dating.

You can’t get married and just drop everything and get lazy and stop doing the fun things and stop the flirting. You need to continue to flirt. You need to do the foreplay, like not so sexual, that’s more like flirting and wearing what he likes and giving him the look.

And I still do that with Joe and Joe appreciates it. He feels like, you know, it’s still fresh and I think that’s what a lot of women forget to do. You have to act like you’re still dating because we’re human and if you don’t get it from someone you’re gonna start looking other places to get it, you know. So you want your husband to get that from you at home.

What would you say is the biggest obstacle that you and Joe have ever faced as a married couple and how did you overcome it?

I mean there were plenty of obstacles.

I think when 2008 hit, it was very hard financially on us because we’re in construction and everything took a dive, so it was stressful for us.

We were building a home that you see on the Housewives and we had plenty of properties for sale, and we just had a lot going on and we hit a hole where we were, you know, not doing well financially and it, it takes a toll on you. And you have three children and a lot going on, so I think that’s definitely one of our harder times. And you know, there’s been times when my son Gino was in the hospital for a couple of days, and that’s when you see how much you love each other and you stick together and you’ll back each other up, no matter what. So, there’s been plenty of trying times for Joe and I.

I think it’s a big misconception when everyone thinks it has just always been easy, and we just walked right into it, and it’s like a Cinderella story, because it’s really not.

F5741UcRaz5bcgYEx6oVKQuFt7fTUZQ8Cr0RPdq9vTgUhb5Uf-2TbIxmTKoEtkyQuKREWXGFJgxd3FzKUvfAe4vvcE84sxzHMMHyeWdefZe7Uj4tkVotpUqkIrPbfEYvQTotally. What is your advice to someone who’s struggling with not getting along with their spouse’s family?

My advice is to hold on. I think that time kind of cures everything, and in time you learn how to cope and deal and it’s sometimes tricky because when it’s family they’re not going anywhere. You have to keep trying to find forgiveness in your heart and keep finding things make it seem better or feel better and it’s always a challenge because it’s family and so, I just say to keep trying, don’t give up because, you know, you got to just keep on trying.

When you signed onto this show, were you worried about thrusting your family issues into the public and how do you think or hope that this book will change the pubic perception of your family?

You know what, I wasn’t so worried about it.

I guess you never know what you’re gonna get yourself into when you’re doing it and then, you know, you think, “oh this will be fun, it won’t be bad, how bad can it be?” and then when you get on you’re like, “wow, it’s bigger than me,” you know, you understand what I mean?

It’s definitely something where we don’t have a lot of control in, but you put your life in TV’s hands which is always scary, but I think that in the end, people see how passionate we are, and how much we love each other as a family. Or else, you know, we wouldn’t argue the way we do, and we wouldn’t have the issues we have. We have it because we’re passionate.

We love one another and I think that people appreciate and can relate to us a lot.

How did you cope with the rumors that you were cheating on your husband while you were working on this guidebook to happy marriages?

You know what, I really didn’t cope with it. It wasn’t like a big deal in our house because it just was so kind of ridiculous. It was just one of those like ridiculous rumors where you don’t pay much attention and you kind of just laugh at it, so it really wasn’t a big deal for us in our life.

It was more to me … it wasn’t about the rumor. It was more about like, well where is this coming from and who was starting it.

A few of the Real Housewives – like Brandi Glanville, Carole Radziwill and Lisa Vanderpump – have already published books as well. Have you read any of them and do you have a favorite?

Brandi has a great book. Her book was fun and fresh and exciting. I really liked her book a lot.

So did I. So as both a published author and a recording artist, do you feel more passionate about your writing or your singing at this point in your life?

I mean I’ve always loved performing the best. It was always, you know, my favorite thing to do. But I have to say it was very fulfilling to write down my whole life in this book and be able to pass it on, so I love them both. But I think performing is always going to be something that, you know, it will always tickle me forever, but I have to say I really did enjoy this whole writing process.

It was very fulfilling and to have the actual book in front of me, to be able to pass it around to my family, it really is amazing.

I bet. Do you have an album or any new music coming out soon?

I have a new song out right now. It’s called “Never Let Me Go,” and it’s on iTunes.

We’re working on an EP right now. I started working with Johnny Wright, who is, you know, amazing, so, yeah we’re working on an EP and we’re working on getting “Never Let Me Go” on the radio and it’s all good from here. Good things.

Awesome. Well I know that you recently filmed the reunion for the current season – what can viewers look forward to seeing?

I think this is going to be a different reunion than what you’re used to from The Real Housewives of New Jersey. You’re going to see a lot of support and you know, there’s definitely gonna be some twists and turns that are unexpected, but it’s gonna be different than what you’re used to.

Do you get closure with figuring out where all the rumors about you were really coming from?

You’ll have to watch and see. Yeah.

Earlier this week, Bravo announced that Caroline Manzo was getting her own spin-off show.


What are your thoughts on that and have you talked to her about it yet?

I have. I told her how excited I am for her. I think it’s so great. I think she’s got such a great family and they have such a bond and I really, really wish them the best, and I’m happy for them.

Cool. Well you don’t have to tell me the details if you can’t, but are you and Teresa currently on speaking terms?

Yes we are.

Good! Well that’s it for me unless there’s anything else you wanted to add about the book or any other upcoming projects you may have?

No – it’s just the single is out right now and the book, and I have a bunch of book signings coming up. You can go to www.melissagorga.com for all my signings, and I just really love meeting the fans, so I can’t wait to meet everybody!

0fpxzxzIMLARSL2_cw0nl2eqWSCc2-mlz9KjIIffm_YOriginally published on PopBytes


It’s no secret that Brandi Glanville is not your typical “housewife.”

Since her debut appearance on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in the reality show’s second season, the former model has always had a distinctly edgier and sharper flavor than her 1% cast-mates. As friend and co-star Lisa Vanderpump likes to point out, Glanville’s bluntness and tendency to always speak exactly what’s on her mind is both one of her best qualities and also the one that gets her into the most trouble.

In what’s likely a producer’s dream come true, Glanville’s no-bullshit policy is the catalyst for some of the most honest—and drama-provoking—moments on the hit Bravo program. While many of the other “housewives” are all about pretence, acting as if they are above the show’s often petty quarrels and working hard to exude an aura of sophisticated perfection, Glanville couldn’t be more different. She admits her flaws and is upfront about her values – making her emerge as one of the only ladies worthy of the word “real” associated with her name. The others, by contrast, come across as grown-up mean girls and more image-calculated ‘Plastics.’

It’s this unfiltered display of self-awareness that makes Glanville’s new memoir, Drinking & Tweeting: And Other Brandi Blunders, such a fascinating look behind the seemingly diamond-studded curtains of privileged Beverly Hills life. Published last week by Simon & Schuster and co-written with good friend Lesley Bruce, Glanville’s book provides detailed insights into the world of fame and divorce that’s simultaneously hilarious, heartbreaking, shameless, and of course, full of juicy one-liners and salacious gossip.

Before Glanville joined the cast of The Real Housewives, her face was already heavily splattered across the pages of tabloids and celebrity gossip blogs. In 2009, her husband at the time, TV actor Eddie Cibrian (The Young and the Restless; CSI: Miami), was infamously caught cheating with washed-up country singer LeAnn Rimes. Cibrian, whose multiple other affairs came to light shortly after the Rimes bomb exploded, went public with his relationship with Rimes before his and Glanville’s divorce papers were even filed. Less than two years later, he and Rimes were wed, leaving Glanville as a nearly 40-year-old single mom of two.

In Drinking & Tweeting, Glanville relives her painful journey of betrayal, struggling with accepting the reality of her circumstances, and ultimately, her path to reclaiming her identity and finding inner peace.

“Sometimes you need to lose yourself to truly find yourself again,” Glanville writes in the book. “But at the end of the day, you have to know when to wake the fuck up and get on with your life.” Not exactly the most eloquent philosophical statement, but it’s Glanville all the way.

Glanville’s account of what happened to her isn’t your standard tell-all with the sole purpose of presenting herself as the victim and pointing fingers at her ex-husband and his mistress (although there’s plenty of that – and rightfully so). Instead, she uses Drinking & Tweeting as a platform to explain exactly what happened, her thought processes during her various stages of coping, and eventually, how she came to accept her situation and move on.

Following her separation from Cibrian, Glanville found herself to be entirely independent for the very first time in her life. Suddenly, she was making all of her own decisions and had “no parents, agents, or husbands to tell me where to go, how to act, or what to do next.” And, sometimes, those decisions ended very poorly.

Candidly discussing everything from her post-partum depression to her battles with alcohol and prescription pills to her insecurities about co-parenting her two children with their new “bonus mom” (as she likes to call Rimes) and the man who broke her heart, Glanville has constructed a raw narrative that chronicles her downward spiral and then her inspiring tale of re-discovering her self worth.

One of the first steps in Glanville’s Cibrian-cleanse was reclaiming her sexual identity. In the book, Glanville admits that she and her ex still slept together a few times after the shit hit the fan. While Cibrian was using sex as a way to convince Glanville to be compliant and turn a blind eye to their marital problems, Glanville was trying to hold onto a life to which she had become too accustomed to let go. Recognizing this, she realized that she had to end this self-destructive behavior if she ever hoped to rebuild her life.

As a first step, she made an appointment with a doctor to get vaginal rejuvenation surgery. After having two children and an eight-year marriage that ended in tears and an HPV diagnosis, Glanville described her decision to get the procedure as a necessary step to feeling sexy and confident again to re-enter the world of dating. And the closest that Cibrian would ever come to seeing her new “kitty cat” would be in the form of a generous charge on his credit card statement.

Annoyed and jealous, Rimes was quick to retaliate, publicizing Glanville’s procedure to humiliate her. It’s revelations such as these that provide her readers with a backstage pass into the down and dirty details of a celebrity love triangle.

In fact, there are numerous instances throughout the book in which Rimes’ celebrity status makes Glanville’s road to healing that much bumpier. In addition to being constantly bombarded with staged paparazzi shots of Cibrian and Rimes’ developing romance, Glanville also lost some of her closest friends to the woman who already took her husband away from her. She hypothesizes that this was a result of their not-so-secret hunger for the spotlight, even if it was just in the form of fame-by-association. Feeling isolated, Glanville would turn to vices like too many glasses of white wine and obsessing over the couple’s social media updates – or, as she puts it, “cyber-cutting”.

Glanville gets literal about her cutting, slashing the tires to Cibrian’s prized Harley Davidson, but most of the time she’s not blinded by hatred. Instead, she rightfully prioritizes the well-being of her children before her own emotions, noting that “all three of us needed to check our egos at the door if we were going to be good guardians to these two little boys.”

And Glanville gives credit where it’s due. Since their divorce, she points out, Cibrian finally stepped up to the parenting plate—after being an absentee father to their children while they were still married. And she eventually comes to the conclusion that their separation has enhanced both of their parenting skills.

“Knowing that one day my sons might go to their bonus mom to ask for advice on a girl they like or for help with their algebra homework (as if she’d   know how to do it, anyway), or even for something as simple as lunch money, is a wretched feeling. On the other hand, both Eddie and I have learned to value and appreciate the days we get with the boys, now that it’s only half the year. And with part of my week free, I’m able to do things for myself, such as working, writing, shopping, etc. Because of my breakup, I discovered that I missed me time while I was married. I didn’t give myself enough of it, and it’s crucial. On the flip side, I think Eddie discovered that he really missed Dad time. We both finally established a better balance, and in a weird way, I think it has made us better parents.”

And even though Rimes not only stole her husband but also viciously declared war on her, Glanville is still able to talk about her ex’s mistress without ripping her to shreds (well … at least, at times).

“She’s good to them and they love her, so I try to be as civil as I possibly can,” Glanville says about Rimes’ relationship with her children. She even goes on to write that she has a “hysterical fantasy that one day she and I will decide to record a duet about heartbreak.” Yet she’s fully aware that “after publishing this book, I will most likely get slapped with yet another cease-and-desist letter from a certain country-music singer’s legal team. I believe it will be lucky number three.”

While her marriage to Cibrian and its high-profile dissolution is what made her a face that people were anxious to photograph, Glanville refuses to let herself be defined by the dark days inflicted upon her by her former husband. To her, writing Drinking & Tweeting was not only an outlet to tell her side of the story, but it was also a way to put that chapter of her life to rest. And when Glanville googles herself at the end of the book only to find that the latest stories about her don’t mention Cibrian and Rimes and instead focus on Housewives and her new adventures as both an author and designer of a chic and affordable dress line, she finally gets the closure she needs – and that, more than anything, she deserves.

“Today’s ‘housewife’ is a sassy, clever, opinionated woman who faces challenges head-on and never shies from telling it like it is – all while hoping to create a happy ‘home life,’ regardless of what kind of home she has and who lives there,” Glanville proudly writes in her newfound, confident voice.

Glanville’s story, while harrowing at times, is an inspirational and ultimately uplifting tale of maturity, motherhood, and learning to grow despite the setbacks that life sometimes hands us. With the publication of Drinking & Tweeting, she is finally transformed into the independent, extraordinary woman she wants to be—not just for her children but also for herself. #TeamBrandi

Drinking & Tweeting: And Other Brandi Blunders by Brandi Glanville is on sale now.

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