You may remember a couple weeks back when I posted an exclusive contest and ticket offer for Crazytown readers for Broadway’s HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING. Well, the responses to that were so great that I’m doing it again!

This time around, I’m offering a Crazytown contest and discount opportunity for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the Broadway debut of Larry Kramer’s critically acclaimed play, THE NORMAL HEART. Nominated for three Drama League Awards (Distinguished Revival of a Play and Distinguished Performance by Joe Mantello and by John Benjamin Hickey), this extremely limited run is directed by Joel Grey and George C. Wolfe. And it only lasts for 96 performances … so don’t miss out on this amazing chance!

To enter to win two tickets, all you have to do is head on over to Crazytown Blog and answer the  following question in the comments section of the post:

THE NORMAL HEART tackles the very serious theme of AIDS. Describe (in a few sentences) a time when going to the theater has opened your eyes to and/or educated you about a sociopolitical issue.

And don’t worry if you don’t win! Crazytown Blog also features an exclusive discount ticket offer!



A review of SCREAM 4.
By Alex Nagorski

No movies defined my adolescent years like the original Scream trilogy. Well, except for maybe Cruel Intentions, but that was for completely different reasons (I dare you to name one person from my generation who doesn’t attribute their sexual awakening to the sight of Ryan Phillippe’s bare ass). Growing up, I wanted nothing more than to literally be Sidney Prescott. Why would I want to be the victim of a series of ruthless killers determined on destroying her life and murdering everyone she’s ever loved?

Easy. 1) She was really pretty, 2) She got to hang out with Monica from Friends, 3) She had all those movies made about her life (good morning, royalty checks!), and 4) I’d spent enough hours gorging on cupcakes and watching Buffy marathons to roundhouse kick the shit out of Ghostface if (s)he ever tried anything with me.

My obsession with these movies even translated into a 7th grade school project. For my English class, we were supposed to write a short story about anything we liked. Very specific instructions, I know. So naturally, I wrote out my concept for Scream 4. My teacher made me stay after class one day and explained that I can’t just write a sequel to a movie and call it a short story. She told me that since none of the characters were from my own mind and I was basing what I wrote off of someone else’s work, I was plagiarizing.

Scream-4-281 In my story, Sidney ultimately snapped and became the killer – ending in a massive brawl involving a blowtorch, a mental hospital, and the heroic alliance of Gale Weathers with (surprise twist!) Sarah Michelle Gellar’s (dead) character from Scream 2. It’s brilliant, I know. My teacher made me resubmit a whole new story so instead I wrote about an innocent bunny who wanted to be an author, but couldn’t get anything published due to the harsh censorship in his neighborhood of the forest. True story.

So now that you understand my background and unnatural affiliation with these movies, you have no choice but to believe me when I say that (despire mediocre reviews and a lackluster opening weekend box office revenue) Scream 4 is the best film in the franchise after the first one. Literally throughout the entire movie, everyone at the packed midnight showing I was at was doing their best Brenda from Scary Movie impression and yelling at the screen the whole time. Finally, a Scream film actually followed through with its title again.

Scream 4 included everything a good Scream movie should have. An epic opening that will linger with you for days after you’ve seen the film, obnoxious self-aware commentary, killer humor, a cast of sexy up-and-comers, tons of movie references, and constant head spinning twists.

To be honest, I was very nervous about Scream 4, especially when I heard that writer Kevin Williamson dropped out and additional script re-writes were being done by the dude behind Scream 3. Originally, this made me think that Scream 4 was about as good of an idea as I Still Know Who Killed Me, Valentine Returns or Another House of Wax.

Scream-4_02 Luckily, however, I was very mistaken. The script was fantastic. Not only did it call for some of the most elaborate deaths and fucked up killer motives of the entire franchise, but the entire commentary on horror reboots and remakes was pure genius. The Scream films have never failed with their impeccable parodies of the genre they constantly redefine.

There’s not much that can be said about the film without giving things away. So let me just leave you with this. The movie will undoubtedly:

1. Make you laugh your ass off
2. Make you jump out of your seat
3. Give you the biggest hard-on of your life thanks to Hayden Panettiere
4. Have you write Courteney Cox a letter begging to quit the lip injections already before her Joan Rivers transformation is complete
5. Infiltrate all your thoughts for the following week

Convinced? Check out Scream 4, in theaters now.

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By Alex Nagorski

1. You like to use the urinal directly next to me when we go out.

2. You don’t use directionals when you turn.

3. You defend people who think gum is an okay substitute for brushing their teeth.

4. You feel inspired by (and quote) Eat Pray Love.

5. You hum.

6. You walk at the pace of a dying snail.

7. You stopped to talk to the dude in the subway who asked if you had Jesus in your heart.

8. You actually use “lol” in text messages.

9. Whenever we go out to eat, I can’t concentrate on what you’re saying because of how loudly you’re chewing. As Michael Caine said in Miss Congeniality, “what was the question? I was distracted by the half-masticated cow rolling around in your wide-open trap.”

10. You try to validate Renee Zellweger’s existence.

11. You literally asked me “so like, what are your hope and dreams?” as if you were Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed.

12. You thought Africa was a country.

13. Sometimes when you’re watching TV, you get so invested that your breathing begins to sound like you’re snoring.

14. You didn’t have a complete coronary when you heard that Britney would be collaborating with Rihanna on a duet version of “S&M.”

14. You’re a Red Sox fan. Just kidding. I don’t give a shit … but I do care that you don’t understand the brilliance of Buffy.

15. You’ll never bring me the amount of joy this lady does:

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An open love letter to the Grey’s Anatomy star.
By Alex Nagorski

Dear Sara Ramirez,

Hot dayuuuuum, girl. I knew you won a TONY for Spamalot, but who knew your voice could massacre pop like that? And I mean that in the best way. Like … that was some crazy Kelly Clarkson shit you pulled on Thursday’s musical episode of Grey’s. The second you opened your mouth for those opening notes of “Chasing Cars,” I knew that I’d be crying for the whole hour. At that moment, every fear I had about Grey’s even having a musical episode vanished. 

I have to say, props are due to not only you, but the whole team behind Grey’s this season. Let’s be honest, season 1? Good. Season 2? Best season of any show on TV, like … ever. Season 3? Ugh, marry me. Season 4? Okay I still like you enough to not break up with you, but … Season 5? GHOSTS, REALLY?!? Season 6? Um, okay, bye. Season 7? Reunited and it feels so gooooooood.

Sara_ramirez_musical My point is that Grey’s has been solid gold this season. All the risks and experimentations the show has been doing have resulted in some of the best episodes of the series yet. Like that documentary-style episode? Pure genius. I saw characters who I’ve consistently watched for 6.5 years in a completely different light. That real-time episode where it was just one hour in the OR, down to the last second? My heart was pounding just as loudly as when those two strangers had that giant pole stuck through their chests after that bus accident in season two.  And now, the musical episode.

Which brings me back to my point: is there a church dedicated to you? Because I’d like to go pray in it. All day. Every day. Ever since you released your debut EP last week, I’ve literally not listened to anything else except for your exquisite cover of Brandi Carlile’s “The Story.”

Upon my first listen, I was instantly floored. You brought so much emotion to the song. You did this amazing job of not just sounding beautiful as your voice soared, but also conveying that you were on the brink of tears. The amount of rawness and vulnerability you delivered just left me speechless. And then when you sang it at the end of the episode (although that version is slightly different than the one on your solo EP), I felt like I was the one about to flatline just from everything I was experiencing watching and listening to you.

Even without the music, this episode was incredibly emotional. In true Grey’s fashion, the mix of trauma and sexy comedy provided the formula for an hour of television I couldn’t turn away from. I mean, one minute you’re all giddy and singing Runnin’ On Sunshine while getting your mack on, and then literally a SECOND later the music stops and it cuts to you lying on the hood of your car, all bloody from going through the windshield. Talk about buzzkill, geesh.

Your character’s storyline has been my favorite this season. The whole triangle between you, Arizona, and Mark is just so addicting. When Mark yelled at Arizona and said that she was “nothing” because he was the biological father and you were the biological mother of your unborn child, I felt the harsh sting of his slap on my face. What a bastard! And then when Arizona was holding your hand while you were unconscious and was talking about how she “feels like your wife” and “feels like the mother of our baby” … I just lost it.

My only qualm with this episode was the lack of Ingrid Michaelson music. Nobody can argue that “Keep Breathing” is not just as quintessential to Grey’s as “Chasing Cars” or “How To Save A Life.” But alas, creator Shonda Rhimes is already talking about a potential second musical episode, so here’s holding out hope for that. Might I recommed Addison for the song? You know how much I love her

Greys-anatomy-music-event-sara-ramirez-abc-2-320 But don’t get me wrong. I really appreciated the song choices. Literally each and every song brought me back to another moment of the show that made my heart sink. When Bailey was singing “Waitin,’” I couldn’t help but remember that scene when Izzie is in the parking lot of the hospital saving that woman who can’t speak English. When Lexie sang “Breathe,” the bomb episode exploded in my head. And of course when “Chasing Cars” played, I couldn’t not think of Denny dying. But I won’t talk about that anymore because it’s still a sensitive topic …

Kudos to you and the Grey’s team all around. The episode was truly an accomplishment. Haters can step to the left. While you completely stole the show, everyone did a terrific job. And thank you to everyone that has made Grey’s Anatomy the ultimate guilty pleasure in my life.
Now if you excuse me, I’m going to go back to listening to “The Story” on loop.

Much love,
Alex Nagorski

P.S. Next time you see my girl Meredith (Ellen Pompeo), wouldja give her a “GOOD JOB BABY!” for me? That “why is the universe so miserable?” monologue she gave in the elevator was in-fucking-credible. Grade A acting. It’s already going on my list of favorite Meredith speeches right behind the one I aptly title, “You can’t call me a whore because you made me one.” Ok, seriously now though. Back to “The Story.”

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